Game Details:

As a game by author Hoang Van Duc, the author is also the developer and developer of Alekima Game.
As a developer with extensive experience in communication design and user understanding. The author has developed the game based on the preferences of gamers. Game for many ages for entertainment purposes.
Hope you enjoy the game.

How to play?:

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the character. Pay attention to the mushrooms growing, do not jump on the mushrooms at level 1, the hardest is Level 2, 3, 4 and level 5 is very simple, when the baby is about to come home.
The game has 5 levels to help players not be too passionate and forget their work or waste your time. The game is for entertainment purposes, there is no fee for the player or in the game, the Coins are saved when you reset the level, the coin points are not saved when you step into the game at a new level.
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Developer: Alekima Game
Author: Hoang Van Duc